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19 Jun 10

World Cup: Soccer? Football? Fútbol ...

Call it what you want, the passion of the world cup is here and we’ve added some new ecards to support your team with lots and lots of love. The new teams added were: Paraguay, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, South Korea and Germany, so it doesn’t matter if you are with la furia roja, the socceroos or the albirroja, show the love for your national team and share it with your friends and family.

Remember if you want we add any other country leave your chant in the comments and we’ll add it soon.

16 Jun 10

Love your World Cup team ...

I Added some eCards to show your love for your World Cup team, for now i added 8 countries: USA, Mexico, Portugal, France, Argentina, Italy, South Africa and England, please if you are from any other country that is participating, let me know in the comments which phrase can be used with that country/language.